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News from Grounds Superintendent Dan Nagy



   GOLF COURSE UPDATE - December 2016


My staff and I have been busy working on reshaping #10 green upper tier. The
green is about 30% smaller and a large grass swale was installed to create a
different look to the hole. We will be mowing the entire right side of the green
at collar height in the spring. It will resemble a large run-off/collection area like
the one around #8 green.
Late last month 5-20’ tall “Red Maples” were planted throughout the course.
We strategically placed them on holes #1, 3, 4, & 7. The trees were donated by
Anthony Ditta and the MGA. Thank you all for beautifying our course.
The course is in good condition heading into the winter months. Leaves are
about 65% down. The warmer fall has the leaves dropping later this year. I
will be applying fertilizers/soil conditioners and wetting agents to the greens
at least once a month to provide a stored nutrient source once they come out
of dormancy in spring. The wetting agent will be applied at higher rates and is
designed to retain more moisture in the top layers of the root zone. This will help
us prevent wind desiccation issues and keep the soil temperatures more stable.
Every year we continue to improve the course and strive to give you a product
you are proud of. My staff and I thank you all for your support. We are all looking
forward to an exciting 2017.
My family and I wish you all the safest and happiest of holidays. Thank you all
for your compliments and words of praise over the past year. Hope to see you
soon at the Club. Merry Christmas to you all!


Daniel J. Nagy

Golf Course Superintendent