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News from Grounds Superintendent Dan Nagy



   GOLF COURSE UPDATE - August 2016


The Red Wolf Simmons Bank Tournament was a great success. The course has
never looked better for this event. We appreciate all of the accolades and kudos
we received from nearly every team. Your comments are very nice to hear since
we really had to hustle and get a lot of work done in a short work week. I cannot
believe how quickly the greens recovered from the verticutting and topdressing
we had to do Tuesday, July 5th. I was very concerned as to how the greens
would look. However, we have been blessed with great weather and all of our
hard work paid off in the end.
We had an important project that needed to be addressed right before
the Simmons outing on 7/6 this year. We had several volunteers help sod and
staple the tree line along the path on hole five. A special thanks goes out
to Jerry Morgan for hauling the sod back to JCC and laying the sod. Other
gentlemen involved were Chris Lutes, Ray Osment, Mike Webb, Lee Brun, Adam
Carney, and several others. Anthony Ditta, Jeff Prestige, and Joel King topdressed
the practice tee divots with sand. Thank you all for helping me make
the tournament a huge success.
I did not discuss the aggressive aerification of the greens last month,
so I will give you a brief summary. Every year after the Simmons Tourney we
verticut and aerify all the greens to remove thatch, grain issues, and add soil
amendments into the root zone. Our sand base greens need these organic
compounds to help retain moisture and nutrients better. Also, aerification will
help with water infiltration and increase oxygen levels. We usually do nine
holes on back to back Mondays. This year we did our aerifying on 7/18 & 7/25.
My staff worked extra hard this year to prepare for the Simmons Bank Red
Wolf Classic Tournament. Your compliments make them happy and they take
pride in providing you a good product, so if you see them on the course please
commend them for doing a great job. I relay your praise to them, however, it
will be much appreciated by them coming from you directly. Thanks for your support as always.


Daniel J. Nagy

Golf Course Superintendent